About The Humberview Group

Our story begins, and ends, with you.

Humberview Chevrolet was already a Toronto landmark on 3200 Bloor St West when our founder, Stewart Esplen, bought it from the Fagan family in 1971. Humberview Chevrolet was neither Stewart's first dealership nor his first successful venture and he operated it as he  had all his businesses. With one simple philosophy summed up in thirteen well chosen words:

"Take care of your customers and your customers will take care of you."
Stewart practised what he preached. He was determined to serve his customers better, each and every day, and he actively sought partners who shared his conviction and focus. Stewart realized very early on that delivering a world-class experience is easier said than done and that better service took deeper resources than one independent store could provide on its own. Scale was key to achieving a level of service that one could be proud of. Growth was required to realize a level of service that would keep customers coming back over and over again. And so he went about growing the business. 30 years later, the group he started with his first store at 3200 Bloor Street now numbers 29. That's 29 locations driven by an exceptional team of people dedicated to delivering an ownership experience that is quite simply second to none. Stewart would be happy. We think you'll be happy, too.


Stewart Esplen was many things but, first and foremost, he was an entrepreneur who knew how to build a business.

Never one to forego an opportunity or to shy away from risk, Stew was already a successful small businessman when, in 1962, he opened Skyline Pontiac Buick, a small, rural dealership in Richmond Hill.

Stew bought Humberview Chevrolet in 1971, and continued to buy (and occasionally sell) auto dealerships until he retired in 1991, turning the business over to his sons, John and Scott, and daughter, Cathy, represented in the business by her husband, Jim Peplinski.

Stewart Esplen passed away in 2010. He is survived by his children and grandchildren.

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