If you're shopping for a vehicle in Ontario, it is a long and involved process that can be difficult to navigate. There is the actual process of finding and purchasing a vehicle - all the laws and regulations, all the paperwork for fees and payments, and all the pros and cons on the various types of vehicles you can buy. There's the process of leasing or financing your vehicle purchase. There's the process of getting a driver's license. Finally, there's the process of getting auto insurance. See our sections below to learn more about everything that is involved in buying and owning a vehicle in Ontario.

 Buying a Vehicle in Ontario

Buying a New Vehicle in Ontario
Buying a Used Vehicle in Ontario
What Are My Consumer Rights?
Immigrant Car Buying Guide

This section of the guide answers any questions you might have about the buying process: from a guide to the whole process involved in buying a new vehicle or the different but similar process to buy one that is used, to tips to make the process easier and cheaper.

 Driving in Ontario

How to Exchange a Foreign License for an Ontario Driver's License
How to Renew, Replace or Reinstate Your Driver's License
Guide to Ontario Driver's License Tests

To buy and operate a vehicle in Ontario you have to have a driver's license. We have a guide to all the tests and fees for Ontario's Graduated Licensing Program for new drivers.

 Financing a Car in Ontario

Buying a Vehicle with Bad or No Credit in Ontario
How Lease Payments Are Calculated
What's The Difference Between Leasing And Financing A Car?

When you buy a vehicle you have some options that allow you to afford one you wouldn't be able to afford with the money you can spend at the time. You can finance your purchase with a bank or dealership where they give you a loan to pay for the full value, or take out a lease on a new model where you only pay for partial value over a set period of time. There are benefits and drawbacks to both, and we outline them in our financing guide here.

 Auto Insurance in Ontario

How to Get Cheaper Auto Insurance in Ontario
What to Do If You Are In An Accident
Car Insurance Scams

According to Ontario law, in order to buy, establish legal ownership, and operate a vehicle in the province you must have an  insurance policy on it. We have a guide on how to get insurance, what costs to expect, how auto insurance works for new drivers, how temporary insurance policies work, and privacy of your personal information.
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