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When you buy a vehicle, it can be a long process. You’ll have a lot of decisions to make, such as whether to buy a new or used car, what type or brand of car you want, and whether to lease or finance the purchase. You’ll also have to navigate the process itself and all the different steps, laws, and paperwork involved. We created a handy guide to cover all of these things, so you can be prepared and make the process easier so you get the best possible deal on the car you want!

Buying a New Vehicle in Ontario

The process for buying a new vehicle in the province is pretty straight forward. There are a number of steps involved but in general the basics boil down to:

  • Set your budget
  • Research ideal vehicles
  • Compare and review models
  • Inspection and test drive
  • Finalize the purchase and paperwork
  • Get car insurance
  • Register ownership

You can view our in-depth guide to buying a new car in Ontario here.

Buying a Used Vehicle in Ontario

Buying a used car works almost the exact same as buying a new car. There are some differences, however, mostly to do with the different sources of used vehicles and the nature of pricing, payment, and condition. Things like:

  • Payment Options — you can almost never lease a used vehicle unless it’s Certified Pre-Owned
  • Pricing — prices are not set by manufacturer but by the seller
  • Condition — have to worry about the vehicles condition and history
  • Sources of Inventory — can buy from private sellers and auctions as well as from a dealership
  • Documents — there are unique documents relevant to purchasing and registering ownership a used vehicle

We have an in-depth guide that delves into all the different details involved with buying a used car in Ontario here.

Useful Tip! Buying a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is a great way to get a car only a few years old, so it is still close to brand new, sometimes still under warranty, comes with fully documented service history and is much cheaper since new cars depreciate by thousands of dollars in the first few years of ownership.


When buying a car, there are a number of things to consider: whether you want to buy a new or used car, what the best time is to buy a car, and what steps you will encounter during the whole process. We’ve written a number of guides on each topic to help you be prepared going into your shopping experience. Good luck!